Weststar Associates Limited

Authorised General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria

About Weststar

At Weststar Associates, our HR approach is systematically designed to ensure that our vision of becoming the most successful automotive company in Nigeria is ultimately fulfilled through our pool of talented employees. As such, we have never compromised our high standard of all activities: recruitment, compensation, training& development and performance management. 
We envision our company as the most attractive choice of employers in Nigeria. Despite the fact that we are already “home” to skillful employees, our challenge ahead is to further strengthen our image among future generations so that they desire to join our community of professionals. This mission is to be fulfilled by such future activities as campus visit and establishing closer co-operation/ partnership with major education institutions.
Our reputation in training and career development is also second to none. We have been strongly determined to developing our people to their full potential by providing ongoing, outstanding training opportunities. We ensure that all our employees are well equipped with the skills that provide the foundation of a fulfilling career as well as personal growth. 
“Learning by doing” is our key working approach at Mercedes-Benz Weststar. Besides on-the-job training, our people consistently receive supervisory and coaching support from respective supervisor. We believe that building a supportive working environment does not only nurture individual growth, but also helps direct everyone’s performance towards common goals.
Another pride we have shared is that our sophisticated performance management system based on the Key Performance Indicators approach has so far helped aligning strategy with people, processes and technology. This implies that working at Mercedes-Benz is all about teamwork and sharing of knowledge and resources, thereby resulting in extraordinary satisfaction among employees and customers alike..