Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Flexible urban mobility concept

Growing cities, an increase in individual transport and the desire for fast, convenient transportation options are making the limits between existing public transport systems clearer in many places. That’s one reason why many large cities are expanding their local public transport and opting for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as a solution. BRT systems are characterised by the following factors:

  • Separate bus lanes and priorisation over other means of transport
  • Barrier-free access via bus-stop platforms
  • Vehicles optimised in terms of size and design
  • Ticket purchase and access control outside the vehicle
  • Integration with all kinds of means of transport
  • Regulation via intelligent transport systems (ITS)
  • Organisation of the system into main lines and feeder lines
  • Unmistakable marketing

Contact and information

Head of BRT Team, Concepts and Communication
Stefan Sahlmann

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Head of BRT Team, Traffic planning
Richard Mejia

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