G-Class Professional – Concentrating on the essential

The classic vehicle for unlimited operation

For almost three decades now the G 300 CDI Professional long-wheelbase Station Wagon has been proving its worth, operating in every kind of extreme professional situation, for instance with rescue services and the armed forces. Functionality in day-to-day use, sturdiness and reliability are the hallmarks of the long-wheelbase G 300 CDI Professional Station Wagon. This variant, a pared-down-equipment version of the classic G-Model and distinguished by its "GPROFESSIONAL" badge, leaves little to be desired for discerning private users placing high demands on the vehicle.

  • Concentrated power: The torquey 135-kilowatt diesel engine[1] with its economical common rail technology and efficient 5-speed automatic transmission is just the thing for everyday operation. It delivers its full power already in the lower engine speed range, while its standard-fit water separator protects the engine against contaminated fuel.
  • Outstanding off-road capabilities: The frame is built by hand from 4-millimetre sheet steel with over 6400 welding points to deliver superb handling on all terrains. Depending on surface, the G 300 CDI Professional Estate maintains driving stability on inclines of up to 80 percent and lateral inclinations of 54 percent. Featuring two precisely positioned rigid axles with a high degree of articulation, long spring travel, permanent all-wheel drive, a low-range gearbox for the transfer case, and three 100 percent differential locks, the G-Class produces exceptional off-road performance.
  • Robust as standard: Steel wheels, generously dimensioned exterior mirrors and hard-wearing attachments such as bumpers and radiator grille assist the driver in daily operations.
  • More optional features: The bonnet can be reinforced and coated with an anti-slip tread protection paint to make it walkable. Crash guards, double-wing rear doors and provision for the attachment of a winch are all further examples of the broad spectrum of operation potential of the G-Class Professional.

[1] Figures for rated output and rated torque in accordance with Directive 80/1269/EEC in the currently applicable version.

[2] The figures shown for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process (Regulation [EC] 715/2007 in its currently applicable version). The figures do not apply to a specific vehicle and do not constitute part of the product offer. They are provided solely for the purposes of comparison between different vehicle models.