The Vito crewbus

Tailor-made for your business

Whatever your line of business, the high-performance Vito will prove a reliable partner at all times. The range of available variants ensures a high degree of specialisation and its versatility sets new industry standards.

  • 2 wheelbases
  • 3 vehicle lengths (compact/ long/ extra long)
  • Numerous engine variants
  • Tonnages from 3.05t to 3.2 t perm. GVW
  • Comfortable vehicle interior with 16 different seating arrangements for up to 9 persons
  • with all seats fitted, a load capacity for 970 l of luggage
  • ADAPTIVE ESP® as standard
  • 4x4 permanent all-wheel drive available as an option

Vito crewbus

Product information

Contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer for pricing information.