Well prepared for the future with liquefied gas:
LGT (Liquefied Gas Technology)

The Sprinter LGT

  • Bivalent liquefied gas / petrol drive system (M 271 4-cylinder liquefied gas / petrol engine)
  • Up to 15 % lower CO2 emissions than conventional petrol engines
  • Lower pollutant emissions, virtually no fine-dust and particulate emissions
  • Considerable fuel and cost savings are possible
  • Range in LPG operating mode up to c. 450 km
  • Extensive filling station network
  • No reduction of load capacity thanks to underfloor installation of liquefied gas cylinders
  • Only minimum loss of payload

[1] Your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer can tell you which Sprinter variants the liquefied gas drive system LGT is available for.