The X-Class.

First of a new kind.

The new X-Class. Brings worlds together.

Robust and compelling.

It confidently defies forces of nature, it draws attention through its distinctive design. It is so robust and powerful that it is confidently under way even in more difficult terrain and is so spectacularly styled that you will stand out even in the urban jungle. It is just as convincing as a functional and reliable partner in everyday work as it is a companion for spontaneous leisure adventures. Look forward to a vehicle that brings life worlds together in a completely new way: welcome to the X-Class – the Mercedes-Benz of pickups!

X-Class – commercial use

  • Convincing robustness with torsionally stiff ladder-type frame made of high-grade steel
  • Impressive off-road capabilities thanks to all-wheel drive, an off-road transmission ratio and other off-road features
  • Well thought-out functionality with more than 1000 kg payload and a towing capacity of up to 3500 kg
  • Performance-enhancing comfort thanks to the multi-link wheel suspension with coil springs; an ergonomic operating, display and seating concept; a modern multimedia system and connectivity services

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